Simple and affordable.

Cronly is simple to use, and the pricing is just as simple. Calculate the cost of monitoring your existing applications below.

Simple no-tricks pricing

If you are done monitoring your applications, you can stop paying for them. No strings attached.

Cronly in the cloud

Manage all your cron jobs in the cloud. This includes monitoring your cron jobs, as well as scheduling them.

What's included

  • Unlimited triggers for free

  • Unlimited users for free

  • Unlimited SSL certificates for free

  • Unlimited projects for free

  • Unlimited integrations for free

  • Unlimited API calls for free

Cost per monitor*

$1 / month

*A managed job counts as 1 monitor

Frequently asked questions

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How do I set up a Zapier integration?
Just create a new Zap and add Cronly as your trigger. Then, connect any Zapier integration you like. Once a trigger is triggered, Cronly will send a message to your Zap.
What if I don't want to use Zapier?
We are working hard on custom integrations. If you have a custom integration you'd like to see, just shoot us a message. In the meantime, Slack is already available, as well as emails and custom webhooks.
What do integrations cost?
Integrations are completely free. Adding extra users to your account won't cost you anything extra. SSL certificates are free to monitor as well.