No-nonsense monitoring
cron jobs and certificates

Keep track of your cron jobs (or other micro services) and SSL certificates. Don't let them fail unnoticed. Cronly doesn't use extensive logging for fancy graphs and statistics you don't need. We just send notices and alerts if something is failing.

Lead dashboard

Simple implementation, intuitive and clean interface.


Easy to implement. Language independent.


User friendly and clean interface to get you going fast.


Send out alerts. For yourself, specific team members or an entire team.

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Become an early adopter

Fast registration. No strings attached. Our bèta program is free and unlimited. Future pricing plans will have a generous early adopter free-tier.

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Start monitoring with our powerful features

Monitor your cron jobs

Create unlimited monitors for your cron jobs. Don't miss a single failing cron job again.

SSL certificate checks

We keep you up to date on your certificate status and upcoming expiration.

Setup alerts

Add alerts for yourself or your team mates.

We currently support e-mail notifications and Telegram channels. More options following soon!

Simple implementation

Simple, hassle free implementation. Uses plain HTTPS requests.

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    Register for an account

    Register for a free early adopters account and get started right away. No credit card or other personal details are required.

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    Add unlimited monitors for your cron jobs and certificates

    Just add as many monitors you need. Installation is easy and with our examples a breeze for developers and devops teams.

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    Display your monitors wherever you need

    With our documented REST API it's easy to retrieve status details and create an overview inside your own dashboard.

Cronly supports all modern browsers